Work Ethic Assessment

The Center for Work Ethic Development – Work Ethic Assessment

1. Accountability in the workplace means that:


2. Regarding first impressions, which of the following statements is most correct?


3. If you are not very good at a particular task that’s a part of your job, you should:


4. Which of the following best describes the attitude you should have when dealing with life?


5. Which choice best completes the following statement? Successful people are:


6. How do you serve demanding, rude, or difficult customers?


7. Which choice best completes the following statement? If you want to succeed in the workplace, you have to:


8. Which of the following choices is NOT an example of stealing from your employer?


9. Employers are generally most impressed with employees who:


10. To best demonstrate attendance, you should show up before your scheduled shift. Why is showing up for work early so important?


11. An employee who sets personal goals usually demonstrates more ambition on the job than an employee who doesn’t set personal goals. Why is this true?


12. Which choice best completes the following statement? No matter what job you are doing, it can be a good experience if you:


13. True or false: 1) You should pay exquisite attention to every facet of your appearance for a
job interview, and 2) you should always wear formal office attire to a job interview.


14. When you push the boundaries of office attire by wearing things that are marginally appropriate, you are:


15. Which of the following is NOT part of a first impression?


16. Jeff got in a fight with his wife before coming to work this morning. He mumbles “good morning” only in response to others, and doesn’t make eye contact. He keeps his head low as he makes his way to the coffee, then curses under his breath when he finds the pot empty. Out loud he says “awesome” in a flat voice. This is an example of which of the following:


17. Which of the following is most true of untrustworthy people?


18. Which of the following is NOT a good idea for a job interview?


19. Which of the following is true about timeliness?


20. Which of the following is NOT true?


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