March 28, 2016


While metrics and outcomes are important, the stories from our international network of partners also tell a powerful story. Here are some testimonials from organizations about their experience with Bring Your ‘A’ Game:


“One of the (adult) students just came into my office and told me he got a job, for first time in 10 years. He credits my class for giving him the ambition and motivation to re-enter the work force.” Lou Ann Colyer, Family Stability Case Manager

Wesley House
Pittsburg, KS

“Including the Bring Your ‘A’ Game curriculum and certification program has truly enhanced our summer youth employment program. For most of our youth, this program is their first job and the concepts embedded within the stories and exercises are very relevant to them and easy to grasp. The concepts are so applicable to success in the workplace that we have actually incorporated them into our Program Code of Conduct so that when one of our employees has a behavioral issue we can ask them, “What A Game behavior should have you employed?” And it works! In fact, we’ve had so much success over the years with the A Game that the City of Raleigh has recently adopted it into our Strategic Plan.”

Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program (RSYEP)
Raleigh, NC


Faculty and Staff

“I have to adapt the ‘A’ Game curriculum for my students but they are actively engaged in the lessons. With the Accountability lesson, we developed our own pizza company. Even though (my students) struggle with higher-order thinking skills, they understand the lessons and actively participate in every one. The ‘A’ Game is relevant to every student no matter what their learning level may be.”  Debbie Ganyard, Hospitality

“Being at a career center, I consider it my number one goal to produce students who will go out into our communities and have a positive impact. For some, that will include further education at university or tech school. While others will go straight into the world of work and receive on-the-job training. No matter what the future holds for them, the values learned through the ‘A’ Game activities apply.”  James Young, Government

“I love the ‘A’ Game! My students stay engaged because I package it as a ‘break’ from our regular routine. I am also continuously referring to these lessons and reminding my students about the relevance and implications of the ‘A’ words on their future careers. This is a great program for helping to develop character.”  Jeremy Burdick, Electrical Systems Technology


“The ‘A’ Game activity teaches morals and shows a point of view from the speaker, which is in the best interest for the students. Students take a reflective look into their lives. It is a great concept that makes every student take into question their ethical and moral values, as well as the repercussions of their actions.”  Junior, Law Enforcement

“I think the ‘A’ Game is a great way to engage the students of (Buckeye Career Center) and get us ready for our futures.”  Senior, Early Childhood

“It has been very interesting to hear how (speakers) used their soft skills to work their way up from the bottom.”  Senior, Floriculture

Buckeye Career Center
New Philadelphia, OH

“On behalf of Wichita Area Technical College, we want to thank the Center for Work Ethic Development for your letter of support for the National Science Foundation grant that was submitted in October 2015. In October 2016, we were awarded, and efforts toward implementing the Manufacturing Alliance Keeping Education Relevant to Technical Employee Competence (MakerTEC®) project are currently underway. We are excited to start forming and creating a Coordination Network for manufacturing as part of the MakerTEC® Project.

Your important connections to manufacturing initiatives, support from your subject matter experts, and your experience in the development of foundational behaviors of work ethic is going to be a great asset to this MakerTEC® Project. Your extensive industry technical relationships will be a helpful addition to our project as well.”

Wichita Area Technical College
Wichita, KS

“(I) just completed the online Trainer webinar. This is the best organized training package ever. I have not had the experience of being trained by someone on how to use the program from a trainers perspective!” Alan Danczek, Rocky Mountain Education Center at Red Rocks Community College

OSHA Training Institute Education Centers and Rocky Mountain Education Center
Lakewood, CO


“We have been able to utilize Bring Your ‘A’ Game in many different fashions. We mostly use it in our workshops in our home office. One of the great things about the program is the way that it forces participation. This interactive class can engage all types of personalities and bring in good cohesive thoughts. On the surface, it looks like common sense…but the way the presentation is laid out if gives the facilitators chances to get a well-rounded perspective of most commonly focused on areas. Each module has an overview, then it goes into the values. After that the activities give a chance to reinforce these values while having fun in the process.”

“This class is able to engage all of our population! Loved it!”  Marlys Breon Drisch, Promise Center

“Very Dynamic presentation! We would recommend this to anyone!”  Pam Kaupins, South Ottumwa Savings Bank

“This class should be a mandatory class for all of our students!”  Amy Naussleman, Buena Vista University

“The material was very informative. I enjoyed the different ways to look at the same issue!” Rachel Johnson, Iowa State University Extension Office

Iowa Workforce Development
Ottumwa, IA


“At the Wayne County Schools Career Center, we are using the Bring Your ‘A’ Game Curriculum in all of our Career Tech labs. As we work to expand this programming and engrain its principles into our culture, we are noticing positive changes in our building! Students are showing a better understanding of work ethic and how it manifests itself in the workplace. Many local employers are thrilled we are offering this curriculum to our students. Our teachers have found the resources easy to use, the activities to be relevant to students and the content to produce lasting change both in the classroom and beyond. We would highly recommend the use of Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work! You won’t regret it!” Jean Roberts, Career Services

Wayne County Schools Career Center
Smithville, OH


“I really enjoyed the book and workbook, Bring Your ‘A’ Game. I felt the author easily connected to any age group. Having a positive attitude was the number one value that stuck with me. When you are positive, it is contagious.”  Chelsea S.

“The work ethic training program has taught me so much. I got a lot of new information out of it, as well as a refreshment of the basic information that goes with the working world. I know feel confident enough to know what to do when being interviewed and when beginning a position for a new job. I know what employers are looking for and I know how to show them that I can be of benefit to them. This training can help many more people out there, just like it’s helped me. I strongly encourage others to go through the program.” E. Salgado

Goodwill Industries of Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties
Santa Cruz, CA


“As a youth provider for at-risk transitional age youth between the ages of 16–24, we absolutely LOVE the Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work curriculum. In a time where professional etiquette has been abandoned, it is refreshing to utilize this curriculum with our students. The students enjoy the workbook as it meets them right where they are socially and developmentally. I am a believer in the program. I highly recommend it to everyone! It has become our slogan here on our campus – ‘Bring Your A Game’ or don’t bring anything at all!” Martinez I. Sellers, MFT, Executive Director

Operation New Hope
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


“I instruct a six-hour-per-week freshmen/transfer student class that focuses on safety, professionalism and industry-recognized certificates. Our college’s focus is on automotive, agricultural and industrial technical training. We have received feedback from each of our advisory boards, and they all say they need graduates with soft skills.

The ‘A Game’ curriculum has had a positive effect on employers’ perception of our students’ attitudes and professionalism. It’s even caused me to evaluate myself and how I look and dress while at work. Caring about how you look, because it reflects on your employer, is something that I used to resist. I no longer resist dress codes. In fact, I embrace them.” Aaron D. Riggin, Assistant Professor of Design, Drafting and Manufacturing Technology

Montana State Prison-Northern
Havre, MT


“(Our) students passed the Certification test for Work Ethic Proficiency today. They worked really hard and had a great time. I love the curriculum and it works really great with our inmate students!” Valorie Ericson, Teacher

Montana State Prison
Deer Lodge, MT

“After having two children complete this training, I have nothing but high praises for the content. There are adults in the workforce who could benefit from this most needed practical information. The Youth at Work Job Training program is a gem of an opportunity and Bring Your ‘A’ Game truly should be included on the mandatory book list in every school!

Thank you again and I wish you the utmost of success!”

Prince George Community College – Youth at Work Job Training Program

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