March 28, 2016

Speaking Engagements

The Center for Work Ethic Development also provides engaging and informative presentations based on our research and experience. Delivered by CEO Josh Davies, these keynote presentations, workshops, and in-service training classes are a powerful way to educate and inspire your audience. Formats range from a 60-minute keynote to full-day training workshops.

This video features some clips of Mr. Davies delivering one of his high-energy, engaging presentations for audiences around the country.

Topics covered include:

  • Give Employers What They Want: Work Ethic
  • Creating a Culture of Accountability
  • Seven Secrets to Becoming the Leader You Never Thought You Could Be
  • Back to the Future – Work-Based Learning
  • Transform Yourself to Transform Your Partnerships

Contact to get more information about content, logistics, and availability for a speaking engagement.

What participants have said about Josh Davies:

“Every minute and detail was useful and enjoyable!”

“One of the best workshops I’ve seen at any conference.”

“Mr. Davies gave the best presentation I’ve ever been in. Loved this session!”

“Most enjoyable and meaningful session I’ve attended!”

“Excellent presenter!! Dynamic, knowledgeable, engaging!”

“Above and beyond. This was one of the best sessions I attended.”

“Great presentation – information that can be used!” 

“One of the best sessions I’ve been to at any conference!!” 

“Outstanding presenter – very motivational!”