April 1, 2016

Program Components


The foundation of the training program, the Curriculum Guide is required for trainers to facilitate the Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work training program. The guide includes an explanation of the training methodology, overview of how to effectively teach work ethic, and 60 activities to develop the foundational work ethic behaviors. The youth, adult, and veteran versions are customized with unique approaches, language, and activities to target those specific populations.


A new participant workbook is necessary for each student in the Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work program. Participants use the workbook to complete activities, review content, and reflect on their experiences throughout the training. Ensure that participants have their own workbook prior to starting your first class session.


To reinforce classroom learning and appeal to your visual learners, we recommend having a copy of the original Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work textbook for every participant. Each in-class activity has a suggested textbook reading to complete prior to start of the session so that participants can begin with a basic understanding of the concepts for that session. While these textbooks can be kept by the participants at the end of the course, they could also be reused by additional participants.


The final piece of the program is for participants to earn their Certificate of Work Ethic Proficiency. Our assessment requires demonstration of mastery (a 90 percent score) to pass and then provides a portable credential participants’ can use to prove to employers their proficiency. The Center for Work Ethic Development also partners with Credly to provide the certification as a digital badge, which  can be attached to online profiles and resumes. Pre-test results can be compared to certification results to show skill gains through the training. Other benefits of the certification include:



The multimedia resource kit contains several supplemental visual components of the training including a PDF presentation and videos. Each kit is stored and delivered on a convenient thumb drive.


To better prepare teachers, trainers, and facilitators of Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work, the Center for Work Ethic Development offers a full-day Train-the-Trainer certification. Led by one of the experts on the staff of The Center, this workshop serves as a companion to the Curriculum Guide and includes both instruction and practical application. At the completion of the workshop, each participant earns their Certified Work Ethic Trainer certification. Because the core methodology and application are the same across all three versions of Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work, the certification is valid for the youth, adult, and veteran versions.

We also offer free 1-hour Train-the-Trainer webinars (teacher certification not included). Please contact your account manager for schedule and details.