January 10, 2019

Price Change FAQ



Q: When will the price change take effect?

A: February 1st, 2019


Q: Will prices of all three versions of the curriculum (adult, youth, and veteran) go up?

A: Yes, the price change impacts all three versions. The prices on all three versions will be the same.


Q: Are prices on all of the materials going up? 

A: Price changes will impact our print materials only. Prices on the certification exam seats and the multi-media kits will not change.


Q: What will the new prices be?

A: The new prices will be:

  • Curriculum Guide – $275 
  • Participant Workbooks – $7.50
  • Textbooks – $14.00


If you have any other questions or concerns about the price change, please email poliphant@workethic.org or give us a call at 303-433-3243.