October 29, 2018

New Adult Curriculum FAQ

The next generation of our Bring Your ‘A’ Game Adult Curriculum is now available!

Listen to Josh Davies, CEO of The Center for Work Ethic Development, talk about the new curriculum in a FREE webinar. Click the icon below to view the webinar now.

Do you want to learn more? Check out the frequently asked questions about the new curriculum below:


Q: What was updated from the old curriculum?

A: The new curriculum features a new design, which will help make the curriculum easier to facilitate. There are also 25 new activities, for a total of 65 activities and over 50 hours of content.

These new activities were created based off of feedback from our partners, and include exercises on social media, diversity, telecommuting and Gen Z. There are also new activities for ESL or low-literacy populations. These activities further expand the scope and depth of the curriculum to maximize impact.

Besides content, the new curriculum also features and updated, modern design.


Q: I already purchased the old version of the curriculum. Do I need the new version?

A: While the new curriculum features more activities and a new design, you can still use all of your existing older materials. The old curriculum still has the same focus on experiential learning, peer-to-peer interaction and flexible delivery, and it will still prepare students to take the Work Ethic Certification Exam. However, we will stop producing and selling any of the older versions of the curriculum guide and workbooks.


Q: I already purchased the old curriculum guide, but would like the new guide. Can you help me?

A: Because so many of our partners operate on a limited budget, we wanted to make sure everyone who purchased the adult curriculum in the past could easily upgrade to the new version. We are offering all of our partners who have previously purchased the adult curriculum an opportunity to receive one FREE digital copy of the new curriculum that is valid for a 1-time download. This offer is valid for each adult curriculum guide previously purchased, and is valid until December 31, 2018.

As an existing user of the adult curriculum, if you would like a printed version of the new version, we are providing a special price of $150 (a $100 discount) for each printed copy of the new curriculum. Please contact Sarah Browning at sbrowning@workethic.org or (303) 433-3243 for more information (shipping not included).


Q: How much does the new curriculum cost?

A: Pricing for new partners will remain the same as the current version of both the curriculum guide and workbook. Please visit our online store for pricing information or contact us directly at info@workethic.org or (303) 433-3243.


Q: Will the old curriculum still be available?

A: The old curriculum guides and workbooks will still be available to purchase for current partners until our supplies run out.


Q: Will the Certification Exam be changing?

A: No, the content of the Certification Exam will remain the same.


Q: When will the updated youth version of the curriculum be released?

A: The Youth Curriculum is still in the process of being updated. It is expected to be released in late 2020.


Q: Do you have options for ESL populations?

A: Yes! The new version of the adult curriculum guide features inclusive activities for ESL or low-literacy populations.