November 2, 2020

KP Education

Having Great Culinary Skills Isn’t Enough!

“Four of the top five skills hospitality applicants are lacking are soft skills.” – 2013 Employer Skills Survey

A Seton Hall University study found industry practitioners and educators ranked interpersonal skills as the most important for culinary arts students – even above technical skills.

“Three quarters of employers say that the incoming workforce is unprepared for the job market and lack an adequate work ethic.” – Bentley University 2014

While culinary skills will help your students get the job, their work ethic will ensure that they keep it! Help your students develop the foundational workplace skills that employers demand with Bring Your ‘A’ Game Anywhere. This e-learning course provides accessibility for participants to continue elevating their work ethic, anytime and anywhere! Now, more than ever, it is critically important for job seekers to be prepared with exceptional soft skills. Giving your students the opportunity to develop these skills, no matter where they are and from any device, will prepare them for sustained, gainful employment.

Bring Your ‘A’ Game Anywhere is a practical approach for distance learning with numerous features that participants will benefit from:

  • 10 interactive eLearning modules – each designed to be completed in 20 minutes
  • Participant-centered design to engage the learner
  • Interactive worksheets that build on the learning and can be printed or used electronically
  • Built-in knowledge checks that validate the learning of each workplace skill
  • Access to the Certificate of Work Ethic Proficiency Exam

Bring Your ‘A’ Game Anywhere is the perfect solution for soft skills development in these changing times. The training builds the seven foundational workplace skills of Work Ethic, and your students can have access to skills development when they want it, where they want it, and on any device they want it.

To experience Bring Your ‘A’ Game Anywhere for yourself, click the buttons below to request a “Test Drive” account and try out the first two eLearning modules of the training, or to view a demonstration.

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