August 24, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have questions about work ethic, the Bring Your ‘A’ Game curriculum and more?

Here are some questions we often receive.

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We define work ethic as the foundational workplace skills that are building blocks for success in every job. You can learn more about the skills that comprise work ethic by clicking here.

Many see work ethic as something that you are either born with or that you learn in childhood. The reality is that by breaking down the concept of work ethic into the seven foundational workplace skills, it can be developed by anyone at any age.

Because long-term behavior change doesn’t happen by reading a book, watching a video, or going through an online slideshow, all of our curriculum engages students directly. Either through instructor-led exercises, or blended learning, our content uses the latest learning strategies to deliver lasting results.

The Bring Your ‘A’ Game curriculum is being used by many different organizations all around the globe, so there are hundreds of different ways to incorporate the curriculum into your programs. The curriculum includes 65 modular experiential activities so that each teacher, trainer or group leader can focus on just the content that is most relevant to their participant’s needs.

The length of the training is also flexible. With more than 40 hours of content, organizations can choose any length of training, from a one-hour introduction to integration over an entire year of training. To meet the specific needs of different audiences, the curriculum is available in three versions standard, youth, and veteran.

Certification isn’t required to deliver the curriculum, but it is a bonus. We offer Bring Your ‘A’ Game Train-the-Trainer workshops either as a private class or at one of several hosted sessions throughout the country . At the completion of the workshop, each participant will earn their Certified Work Ethic Trainer certification.

If you’re just getting started with the Bring Your ‘A’ Game material, you can learn more about the product and start your order here. You can also request a free sample to review and help your organization get a better understanding of how the curriculum works.

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