April 26, 2018

Certification Information

The exam for the Certificate of Work Ethic Proficiency is available to participants who go through the Bring Your ‘A’ Game curriculum. The certification helps job seekers both differentiate themselves and show that they have the workplace skills employers demand. Once purchased, each certification voucher includes access to an initial assessment, practice exams for each of the workplace skills, and three chances to pass the exam. To earn the certification, the participant must demonstrate mastery of the work ethic concepts by earning a 90 percent or higher score on the exam. Upon earning the required 90 percent score, participants then earn the stackable and portable credential which can be printed out to be included with a resume, portfolio or CV.

The Center for Work Ethic Development also partners with Credly to provide the certification as a digital badge. Participants simply need to email their name and email address to info@workethic.org after earning their certification to be presented with the badge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get started?

To start the setup process, contact our Operations Manager, Sarah Browning by calling (303) 433-3243. Alternatively, you can send her an email at sbrowning@workethic.org. This set up will take 4-5 business days. Please plan accordingly to allow time for your certification site to be ready for testing.

Where is the site located?

The certification site is located at https://certification.workethic.org/login

How do I get username(s) and password(s)?

Placeholder usernames and passwords will be sent to the person designated as Location Administrator for your certification site. They can then distribute them throughout the organization.

What help is available once I get started?

Once you are set up on the site, you will have access to step by step written and video directions. Also, your Account Manager will be available to answer your questions during regular business hours at (303) 433-3243.