Bring Your A Game to Work


Available in youth, adult, and veteran versions, the Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work curriculum is based on the book, written by Hall of Fame Speaker Eric Chester, and input from educators, employers, and workforce development professionals. Built to be flexible enough to be delivered in organizations of all sizes, the curriculum features more than 40 hours of experiential activities – so that trainers choose the content that best fits their needs. Following completion of the training, participants are eligible to earn the Certificate of Work Ethic Proficiency through an online assessment!



Program Components of Bring Your A Game!
Curriculum Guides
Participant Workbooks
Work Ethic Certification
Multimedia Resources
Train-the-Trainer Certification


Below are training packages to get you started today! In order to most effectively teach the seven behaviors and prepare participants for the certification exam, trainers need to go through a train-the-trainer workshop (or webinar), use the curriculum guides, and participant workbooks.