March 28, 2016

Bring Your ‘A’ Game




Attitude is…

Staying positive in every situation;
Taking control of your reactions

Attendance is…

Showing you're reliable in every phase of life;
Being on time, every time

Appearance is…

Being professional both in the way you act and the way you look;
Choosing to be a pro

Ambition is…

Taking initiative and adding value;
Doing more than the minimum

Accountability is…

Living honestly;
Having integrity in every decision you make;
Refusing to rationalize bad decisions

Acceptance is…

Having respect and following direction;
Being coachable and playing by the rules

Appreciation is…

Demonstrating gratitude toward others;
Providing selfless service

The Bring Your ‘A’ Game curriculum encompasses seven foundational work ethic behaviors

The Bring Your ‘A’ Game curriculum is a dynamicenergetic and customizable soft skills training package that can be tailored to meet your participant’s needs. The curriculum focuses on developing the foundational soft skills, often referred to as work ethic — how a worker gets along with others, shows up for work, conflict resolution, willingness to take direction, or expresses professionalism. Employers around the country say that these skills are the most important factor in hiring a new employee, even above the technical skills for the job.

  • The curriculum includes 40 modular experiential activities, with more than 60 hours of content so that you, as a trainer, can choose the content that best suits your needs.
  • Whether you can devote a full week of intense training or want to integrate a half hour exercise into other curriculum, the activities are modular and flexible enough that you can deliver the content in virtually any learning environment.
  • Available in youth, adult or veterans version, Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work is based on the book written by Hall of Fame Speaker Eric Chester.
  • The curriculum was developed using research-based instructional design and input from educators, employers and workforce development professionals.
  • Following the completion of training, participants are eligible to earn the Certificate of Work Ethic Proficiency by demonstrating mastery on our online assessment.
  • A new, updated and refreshed version of the curriculum is coming in 2018.


Curriculum Components

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