March 28, 2016


No matter what business you are in, where you live, or how big your company is, odds are, you have been impacted by the work ethic gap. The gap is responsible for decreased performance, declining engagement and skyrocketing levels of terminations. More than 75 percent of hiring managers say that the incoming workforce lacks an adequate work ethic.

Rather than simply accept this as the new normal, The Center for Work Ethic Development is helping organizations and individuals build work ethic. By developing curriculum, certification, and support materials, we are helping future and current employees on a path for workplace success. Founded by award winning author and speaker Eric Chester, The Center for Work Ethic Development is the only institution focused on the research and advancement of work ethic.

By integrating our curriculum into their existing training, organizations worldwide are developing the high-performing employees of tomorrow. Online certification further proves the effectiveness of the training for employers. The bottom line? Employees understand how to meet workplace expectations and as a result stay longer, are more engaged, and produce better results.

Whether you’re an educator, workforce development professional, trainer, or simply a concerned individual, The Center for Work Ethic Development offers multiple solutions that make common sense common practice!