When you walk into an interview, you will be answering many questions about yourself and your qualifications for the open position. But, it is important that you also ask questions. Asking follow-up questions will help you understand what the role entails and demonstrate your interest in learning more about the company.

Preparing your questions ahead of time will ensure they stay top of mind during your conversation. Keep reading for a few examples of questions to ask and why you should ask them.

What do the day-to-day responsibilities look like within this position?

It is important to understand what will be expected of you so that you can work hard to meet the requirements. When seeking a job, it is also imperative that you have an interest in the position. The more you care about the company and your work, the more you will commit to doing a great job at it.

What are the company’s values? What characteristics do you look for in employees? 

Learning about company culture can teach you a lot about what is

important to the company and the relationships between employees.

What is your favorite part of working for this company?

As the interviewer talks about their work, are they speaking with enthusiasm easily? It is a good sign if their passion flows naturally.

What does success look like in this position and how do you measure it?

Be sure to clarify how the company measures success. Find out how and how often it is measured.

Are there opportunities for Professional Development? 

This is a great question to ask for a couple of reasons –

  1. Asking for Professional Development shows you seek to further your career goals and constantly improve as a professional.
  2. You will want to work for a company that invests in educating employees. Stagnation in your career is not beneficial.

Is there anything about my background or resume that makes you question my qualifications for this position? 

Asking this question shows that you are highly invested in obtaining the position. It will also allow you the opportunity to respond and address any potential concerns that the interviewer may have. Plus, it can also provide you with a better understanding of where you may stand in the interview process!