Technology is changing a lot of things in our daily lives, including our office life. The digital world has made it easier than ever to communicate and work online, which is changing what modern office spaces look like. A lot of companies are ditching the traditional 8-to-5 office job and allowing their employees more flexibility to work from their homes.

While there are a lot of benefits to working at home, it poses some challenges to employees who are used to more structured office environments. There’s not a boss looking over their shoulder and keeping them on task. It’s up to them to have the work ethic they need to get their jobs done from anywhere in the world.

So, how can we teach employees these workplace skills so they can thrive in the digital working world? Here are five tips we can teach workers to help them bring their ‘A’ game to work, even if they don’t go into the office:

1. Create a Morning Routine

It’s easy to want to relax and take a leisurely morning when you don’t have to rush into the office. But this starts the day off a lazy note, and won’t lead to a productive day. Creating and sticking to routines is crucial when you work remotely. The morning time is important because workers need to get their days started off strong. Ask them to get up, make breakfast and do what they would normally do every morning before going into the office.

2. Get Dressed

When some people dream of working from home, they envision themselves working in bed and still in their pajamas at noon. A professional appearance is still important, even when your coworkers and boss can’t see what they’re wearing. Employees working remotely need to wear real clothes, so it’s clear to them that they’re still supposed to be working. Pajamas in bed make it a little too easy to get off task and take an afternoon nap.

3. Build an Office Space

The key to success while working at home is to make a workspace that feels like an office. It’s tempting to sit in bed with a laptop, but that will result in a lot of lost productivity. Workers need to create an office area. This doesn’t mean they necessarily need an extra room for an office, or to spend a lot of money on a desk or fancy chair. They just need a space where they can sit comfortably and minimize distractions.

4. Follow The Same Rules

It’s easy to let the little things slide when workers don’t have a boss sitting in the room next to them. But they need to be taught to follow the same rules they would when they’re in an office. Working from home isn’t an excuse to take a two-hour lunch or nap during the day. Workers need to follow the same rules that apply to them in an office.

5. Put Electronics Away

Electronics are a huge distraction, and they can cost employers thousands of dollars in lost productivity time. Phones, TV and tablets are an even bigger distraction when a boss isn’t around to keep people on task. Workers should be taught to work in a space without a TV and to keep their phones out of reach during the workday.

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