Thanks to our hardworking partners all over the country, our Bring Your ‘A’ Game curriculum is helping people develop the foundational workplace skills that employers demand.
One of these partners is Lake County Workforce Development (Lake County, IL). Chris Liske and Eric Nordstrom are Career Specialists who use Bring Your ‘A’ Game as a part of their successful WEST (Workforce Essential Skills Training) Program. Throughout the course of a week, Chris and Eric help young adults (ages 24 and under) find a career path they can get started on. Participants learn about the seven foundational workplace skills while also taking skill and interest assessments and exploring occupations and careers.
Chris and her team have also put the curriculum to good use in other ways. In addition to the WEST program, they use Bring Your ‘A’ Game as the cornerstone of a program called REVIVE, which focuses on preparing incarcerated adults for re-entry into the workforce.
Chris and her team with Lake County Workforce Development have achieved some amazing results. Since its inception in July 2018, 54 people have completed the program, leading to training, internships, work experiences, and employment. We are humbled by the work they do to help their local community.